Discover The CONTROL System - Online Seminar - 20th May 2022 - 10am - 12noon BST

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Join Tim Box, the creator of The CONTROL system as he takes you through the process and the thinking behind his unique and pioneering hypnotherapeutic system of change.

Discover a method of hypnotherapy without:

- A drawn out trance process
- A reliance on scripts
- Complicated language patterns
- Any formal induction
- Any regression

In this 2 hour online seminar you will learn:

- How the system works
- How it differs from traditional hypnotherapy
- What issues it can be applied to
- How we make personal changes and help others

This event is not only for existing therapists and coaches, but for anyone who has an interest in how the mind works and how we can make fast and effective changes in ourselves and others.

Once registered you will receive the meeting link via email.

NOTE: This is not a full training or qualification but an initial introduction to the system.